Why Social Selling?

Why Social Selling?

These days it is getting harder for business to generate “new business” appointments. The Social Selling concept is a new way of doing business.

For decades, companies work according to the well-worn phone list, telephone script and the interruption process, but it is losing impact. De Sales Coach provides with the Social Selling concept a solution, creating sustainable lead generation. The world of business is rapidly changing. The interaction between prospects and suppliers of products and services we see a number of developments:

1.Do not call me

Consumers have the choice to register to the “do not call me register” to reduce the telemarketing calls. Foremost this was only a private matter but now also business find this “do not call register” a solution to their problem with unwanted business acquisition, herewith the effectiveness of cold calling decreases.

2.The purchasing process is changing
The corporate procurement process can be subdivided in:

    • Needs
    • Options
    • Consideration
    • Decision

Potential customer starts their procurement process online, where before it started with an account manager from a supplier. It’s getting harder manage the process.
 3.Asymmetric information

Asymmetric information concerns the disbalance of the knowledge between the prospect and supplier. In the past the account manager was the expert, but nowadays customers far better informed about the different kinds of products.

4.Six Billion smartphones worldwide in 2020


Since the introduction of the iPhone in January of 2007, is the use of mobile internet exploded. With more than 6 billion smartphones worldwide in 2020 (source: techcrunch)  and also the use of video. This enforces companies to think different about their sales strategy.

It’s time for evolution (No revolution)

These developments put pressure on the sales strategy, the sales Coach can help organizations in the Social Selling Transformation Process.